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Below you will find information on the WEEE Recycling Initiative

WEEE recycling involves the collection, dismantling, and recycling of electronic and electrical equipment at the end of their life cycle. The primary goal is to reclaim valuable materials and components while reducing the environmental impact caused by electronic waste.

WEEE includes a wide range of electronic and electrical devices, such as computers, laptops, mobile phones, televisions, refrigerators, washing machines, printers, and various other household and office appliances.

Since August 13th, 2005, retailers have been mandated to accept WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) from the general public without any cost. This EU directive ensures the proper collection, treatment, and environmentally responsible disposal of all past WEEE products.

As part of the WEEE initiative, recycling your electrical goods is completely free of charge.

If you have bought a large appliance from us and opted for home delivery, we offer a free recycling service for your old appliance on a one-for-one, like-for-like basis. Please ensure the old appliance is disconnected, clean, and prepared for the driver at point of delivery.

There are some conditions we need the product to meet for recycling, please see below:

  • If you are looking to avail of the WEEE Recycling, please ensure that it is in a suitable state. E.g. Appliances should be clean and empty.
  • If we're recycling on delivery, we'll make sure to protect your home. There may be instances when we are not able to remove an unwanted appliance if it is unmovable or unsafe for our delivery drivers.
  • Recycling on delivery is limited to appliances of the same size or smaller than those we deliver. Nevertheless, we will do our best to accommodate if possible and there is space on the delivery van.
  • The manufacturer will only recycle like for like if they deliver your new appliance directly - for example, if you receive a fridge freezer, they will only recycle a fridge freezer.
  • Please make sure any personal data is removed from any PC, tablet, laptop or cell phone which is being recycled.

Every year, we actively collect, re-use, and recycle WEEE to ensure proper disposal of old products, minimizing harmful effects on the environment and preserving natural resources.

In July 2007, the government introduced new regulations to address the growing volume of untreated waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE) ending up in landfills and to regulate its treatment.

To adhere to these regulations, we exclusively offer electricals and electronics that can be recycled, identifiable by the symbol of a crossed-out wheelie bin displayed on them.

Even if your old electrical appliances or technologies lack this recycling symbol, rest assured, we gladly accept them for recycling.

The government has authorized recycling charges for specific categories of B2C (Business-to-Consumer) electrical and electronic products, known as visible Environmental Management Costs (vEMCs). Producers invoice these fees to retailers/distributors, and the fees must be itemized separately for each relevant product line. However, vEMCs should not be applied to products intended for export.

Retailers/distributors then display and pass on these charges to end users on a per product basis. The current applicable fees can be found in the latest NPRB category listing (currently 5.7). As of July 21st, 2014, vEMCs are inclusive of 23% VAT.

Category Item Cost
Category 1 Refrigeration (Side by Side / American Style) €10.00
Refrigeration (2 Door under/over configuarion) €5.00
Category 2 Large TVs 73cm+ €5.00
Category 4 Large Appliances – Washing machines, dryers, washer dryer,Combination oven, oven, gas cooker with electronic / electric element, free standing, slot in and hi back cooking appliances. €5.00

Further information can be found on www.weeeireland.ie