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Our cookers, ovens, and hobs are exactly what you need to avoid the local takeaway and make mouth-watering meals at home, whether you're a die-hard cook or not. No kitchen is complete without a few essential appliances. We provide a wide variety of models from market-leading brands such as, Neff, Siemens, Beko and Smeg. Choose from built-in to freestanding options, so you can discover exactly what you're searching for. Whether you are unsure to choose gas, electric, or dual, why not let our experts provide you with any extra information you may need.

We have a number of models for you to pick from if you're looking for the ideal cooker. We have everything, whether you prefer the might of gas cookers' exposed flames or the security and practicality of electric cookers. Why not take a look at one of our useful dual fuel cookers? They are constructed with gas hobs for quick and uniform heat distribution and an electric fan oven for the best baking and roasting outcomes, so you get the best of all worlds.

Why not give your kitchen the ultimate makeover with an integrated oven for a sleek and contemporary look if you're planning on remodeling it? We have alternatives to fit every kitchen size, from built-in single oven ranges that are the ideal choice if you have limited room to built-in double ovens that are the ideal choice for bigger families and enthusiastic cooks who like to multitask if you have the luxury of a large kitchen.

Searching for a new cooker hob? We have every type you can imagine, from powerful gas hobs, the ideal choice for any aspiring chef or professional who appreciates the spark of a bare flame, to beautiful ceramic hobs if you prefer the clean look of electric hobs. Yet, if you're seeking a way to save energy, you could discover that our induction hobs are the best option. They are extremely cost-effective, quick to heat up, and only the pan's base heats up while the hob itself remains cool. As a result, there is less chance that you will burn yourself and no burned-on food.